Tower Workshop at Exhale Pilates Studio

How was your weekend?  Mine was busy, yet relaxing at the same time.  Even better, I feel like I was actually a little productive.  On Saturday, I took part in an all-day Pilates Tower Workshop with some amazing ladies.  The workshop was led by Exhale Pilates Studio owners, Lauren and Carter, at their downtown Charleston, SC studio.  The material we covered was very in depth and comprehensive, and I am eager to use some of these newly acquired tower exercises in my upcoming classes.

Back in August, I took part in their Reformer 1 training and have been working to complete my required practice, observation, and teaching hours over the last few months.  I plan to finish the rest of my teacher training through their programs as well.  Check out some pictures of the studio on their website, or better yet, sign up for a class and see it yourself!

New to Pilates?  Check out its history and method here, or contact me directly to learn more!