Zesty Digest Post: Staying on Track in 2013

Need some help staying on track in 2013?  Just hop on over to Sweet Lemon Magazine‘s blog, The Zesty Digest, and check out my recent post, “Staying on Track in 2013.”  You’ll learn some simple strategies that will help you follow through with your goals and intentions in the upcoming year.


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Happy Friday!

Thinking of a career change or possibly adopting a furry, four-legged friend?  Well then, you should check out my recent posts for The Zesty Digest for Sweet Lemon Magazine via the links below!

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Hope you all have a healthy and happy weekend!  xxox

Plant Life

Ever think your home or office needs some sprucing up??  Wish it felt a little fresher?  If so, check out my recent blog post for The Zesty Digest for Sweet Lemon Magazine, “Add Some Green to Your Life!”  The post provides recommendations for low maintenance indoor plants that will liven up your special space.

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