Health Coaching in the Press

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!  How were your meals?  Do you have any nutritious takes on traditional recipes that you would be willing to share with the rest of us?  I personally ate way too much and am trying to detox this week!

The importance of health coaching has made some headlines recently, with everyone from Women’s Health Magazine to Well + Good NYC sharing its importance.  I wanted to share the Well + Good NYC article, “The Coming of the Health Coach Revolution,” with you, particularly because it stresses the significance of health coaching in today’s healthcare industry.

The below image from Women’s Health also highlights how a health coach can help one lead a more balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Have you ever seen a health coach?  If so, what did you think?  Did you find it helpful?  Please share your thoughts!


New Month, New Explorations

YAY!  It is October 1st!

What does that mean?  It is the start of a new month, and that sounds like a pretty darn good excuse to try new things.

What is coming up in my life during October?  Lots!

Big brother’s birthday.  Begin teaching reformer Pilates classes at Exhale Pilates Studio.  Start an exciting online course at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition.  New work schedule.  More flexibility.  Cooler weather.  Commence blogging for an amazing online magazine, The Zesty Digest for Sweet Lemon Magazine.  Break into fall attire.  And, cross a few things off the laundry list of life.

I am so eager to start these new adventures!  And, of course, to share them with you in more detail!

What does October have in store for you?!  Please share with us!