Lose Your Fear with the New Year


As the new year draws closer, most of us will be brainstorming resolutions, some of which may be far fetched and outlandish, others of which are quite doable.  Leading a more active, healthy lifestyle definitely falls into the latter category.  An enormous amount of individuals’ new year’s resolution lists include losing weight, getting to the gym, running a marathon, or something along those lines.  We all know that incorporating exercise into your daily routine will do wonders for both your physical and mental health, so put it on your list, and stick to it!

Easier said than done, right?  In talking with girlfriends, it seems a lot of the procrastination in actually fulfilling fitness resolutions or goals such as these is fear.  Fear of not succeeding.  Fear of looking silly.  Fear of not being able to finish.  Fear of turning bright red in the face and looking like, well, a fool.  But really, WHO CARES??!  To ensure that you will be able to carry out your resolution of being active and healthy, the first thing you have to do is quit worrying about others.  Everyone has been the new girl in a workout class, or not been able to finish a race in their goal time.  What counts is that you are trying, and taking steps to accomplish your goal, no matter how little they may be.

So, put your insecurities aside, and take the plunge.  No one cares if you have pit stains on your newest workout top, or have to take a break during the thigh exercises.  There is a first time for everything, for everyone, so go ahead and try it.  Move past the first times, so that you can enjoy all the results that come about afterwards!


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