Ways to Workout at Home

Have you been wanting to incorporate some at-home workouts into your routine?  Let’s face it, gym memberships can be pretty pricey.  And some days, you just might not have time to actually make it into the gym.  But, with the abundance of at-home workout options available to you, these excuses for skipping a sweat aren’t good enough anymore.  Check out the budget friendly, convenient options below:

  • Participate in online yoga classes through a site such as YogaGlo.  At just $18/month, hundreds of classes are available at your fingertips.  You can even try it free for 15 days.  I’d say that is some major bang for your buck.
  • If online yoga classes aren’t your thing, pick up a book on your favorite style or by a highly respected yogi so that you can practice on your own time.  The newly released The Women’s Health Big Book of Yoga by Kathryn Budig is on my wish list.
  • Walk the stairs in your home or apartment building.  Walking up and down the stairs for twenty minutes will surely make you break a sweat.  Adding in some lunges or squats between flights will make you sweat even more.
  • Been wanting to see what the barre buzz is all about?  Check out a Pure Barre DVD or podcast, and try it in the comfort of your own home.
  • Pilates more your style?  YouTube and personal blogs have lots of free workout videos.  Cassey Ho’s Blogilates has an abundance of Pilates workout videos for whichever body area you want to target.
  • Pick up a couple pairs of free weights.  Use 2, 3, 5, or 8 pound weights to tone your upper body.  You can find a specific workout online to follow, or just do a few repetitions of your favorite arm exercises whenever you can spare a few minutes.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the results.

See how easy it can be??  Do you have some online and/or at-home workout suggestions of your own?  Please let me know!


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