6 Tips to Help You Squeeze in a Workout

Isn’t it hard to find time to workout?  I know it certainly is for me, and I think most people our age would agree it is not easy to devote time to exercise after a long day at the office or school.  Especially when happy hour with friends is so much more tempting.

Hiking with the big bro at Red Rocks

Here are 6 tips to help squeeze some exercise into your daily routine:

  1. Devote half of your lunch break to walking.  I mean, who really wants to sit in a restaurant alone for an hour?  Instead, take yourself for a stroll around the block.  You’ll be amazing how invigorated you will feel once back at the office.
  2. Take the stairs.  Seriously.  If you took those 4 flights of stairs two or three times everyday instead of the elevator, think how much extra energy you would exert!
  3. Wake up thirty to forty-five minutes earlier than normal.  Setting your alarm clock just a little earlier will allow you to wake up and start your day with that yoga DVD or an express class at your gym.
  4. Organize a walking or running group.  This may sound like something that is only applicable to elderly mall walkers, but it really works!  You will be so much more motivated to walk or run if you are with a group of girlfriends.  Think of all the gossip you can catch up on during that time–you won’t even feel like you missed happy hour!
  5. Pack your gym bag.  I find this makes all the difference in the world.  If you pack your workout clothes and shoes in the morning, you can stop by the gym or studio directly on your way home from work.  No more excuses about why you couldn’t get off the couch!
  6. Walk or bike to work.  Not only will you enjoy the fresh air and burn extra calories by walking or biking to work, you will also save money on subways and parking.

Do you have some ideas of your own??  Please let me know!


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